What You Need to Know About Paintball

Paintball has been around for quite some time now and has even risen in popularity lately.
For those who may not be familiar, paintball is a sport, it’s composed of two or more teams, like most sports, it has a fixed objective and requires moving fast and physical activity, however, unlike other sports, paintball http://paintballgamers.com has many varieties speedball which can be played indoors and outdoors, and woodsball which is exclusively for outdoors.

The Paintball Field:

Like most sports, paintball is also played on the field and also has its own set of rules and standards to follow. Below are the kinds of fields in paintball and how they can help you understand the sport better:

The Outlaw Field: The outlaw field is a kind of field in which the players created by themselves, whether it’s in their own backyard or on a free lot in the wood or somewhere in the city. What’s great about the outlaw field is that it (almost) doesn’t cost anything to set up, you may use things you have in your garage or anything you may see in your surroundings. However, before you engage in a game of paintball with the outlaw field in mind, set clear rules with your team as it may lead to complaints and even fights later on without having any professional overlooking the match, make sure all players are wearing the proper equipment, check if the paintball markers are working properly or if anything is damaged, and perhaps assign someone to be the referee. Also, make sure you ask permission (some states or countries may require you to ask or obtain some kind of written permission to use a certain place or lot) before you play paintball.

The Woodsball Field: The woodsball field is the outdoor field for paintball, while it doesn’t necessarily have to be set outdoors, where players must rely on natural covers such as trees, bushes, hollowed out tree trunks or obstacle and or structures such as tires, makeshift bunkers and many more. Compared to an outlaw field, a woodsball fields is not often symmetrical, meaning it’s not paved or may include extra obstacles as you go along. This kind of field is recommended for players who are just starting out or those who prefer the great outdoors.

The Speedball Field: Speedball is one of the variants of paintball in which the playing field is made up of bunkers compared to trees, tires, logs and even walls. In a speedball field, the same amount of bunkers can be found on both sides of the field in various places that aims to challenge players, unlike the other variants of paintball, being stealthy does has little advantage in speedball. Compared to the other field, a speedball and airball fields are called groomed fields, meaning this kind of field is played on a flat surface (this kind of surface has been cleared of any obstacles such as rocks and debris where the field is then cemented over) rather than a natural surface.

Since paintball is a highly customisable game, it allows the players to customise the playing field as much as they can as long as they establish clear rules among the players beforehand.
Also like most games, paintball also has leagues that are located in various states and even countries, and because of popular culture, social media, influencers, and even sponsorships have made it possible for paintball to an even bigger audience on a much larger scale.