Massage tonic for gentlemen?

Ijoy chairMassage is a way to relieve stress, which circulates blood, helping the body relieve the physical and mental pressure should be considered a good method of recovery. There are many effects such as body relaxation , stress relief, supportive treatment of vascular diseases, rehabilitation of tendon muscles after injury, combined with acupuncture to treat some disorders in the body, Massage is done in different styles. You can also try our top rated massage chair.

Thai Massage
This is a massage that works on soft tissues. To achieve the best results and comfort for the person being treated, it is recommended to perform the operation on the mats on the floor. Stretching and breathing, shaking, relaxing are the basic exercises in Thai massage , so that the entire body is restored and some diseases such as headache, back pain, sciatica, dysmenorrhea Oral, intestinal or circulatory, respiratory, and allergic problems are reduced or eliminated.

The purpose of Thai massage is to help the body achieve or regain balance in the process of allocating energy. This method works from the outside and deep within the body such as muscles, tendons, joints, connective tissues, nerves, digestive and respiratory systems, resulting in the release of the congestion of the Streams of gas while moving in the body, stimulating the airstream passages circulate and release energy through the intestine.

Hot stone massage
Once part of the aristocratic beauty of the aristocracy, hot stone massage has now become a healing, relaxation and beauty treatment at the spas and is one of the solutions stress the most effective. This is also what you may feel by using a massage chair.
The type of stone used for therapy is usually volcanic as it has the ability to retain heat for a long time, helps to reduce weight, balance mood, and helps with depression and supports the treatment of musculoskeletal and joint problems. Massage stones of heterogeneous size take on different roles in transmitting heat to certain areas of the body.

Unlike conventional massage, hot stone energy acts on the body as a wave created by tiny vibrations due to the difference in temperature in the therapeutic medium. Hot stone massage is considered as a powerful remedy to help the body recover energy, refreshing spirit, relieving stress, treating arthritis, rheumatism and prolong life, Click here.

Massage with essential oils
Massage with essential oils is a system of specially designed massage movements, combined with the use of pure essential oils to help relax both physically and mentally, preventing and treating related symptoms. mentally, physically and psychologically. Massage with essential oils is used commonly in cosmetic treatments to increase circulation, oxygen and nutrients supply, while eliminating toxins from the body, so the skin will glow pink, muscles hunt. Sure, the body is more abundant, thoroughly resolved acne (especially the type of bumps, pustules), skin pigmentation, overweight obesity, chest sagging.

Herbal massage
Massage with herbs is a massage using some healing plants such as wormwood (blood circulation), lemongrass, eucalyptus (for relaxation), ginger (helps the body Keeps heat and circulates all functions in the body, reducing bruises on the skin). Essential herbal essences in herbs also help skin health, moisture balance and protect the skin from the effects of the environment. Many experts also use art to beauty and rejuvenate the skin, using camphor to bring a mild feeling, reduce muscle tension and swelling to the person being treated.

Mud bath and herbs
Mud after being taken up from the ground is centrifuged to filter impurities, leaving only the blue mud bath diluted, not only have healing effect but also beautiful and smooth skin.
Soaking in mineral mud, or bathing with mineral water, is good for endocrine glands, helping to balance the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, treating chronic diseases of the motor system, dermatitis and diseases. peripheral nervous system. This is a very good cure for people with arthritis.
In addition, bath with herbal juice, juice is also a way to create blood circulation is very effective, very good for people with new flu illness or wake up when cold rain.