Four Ways to Wear A Hoodie


Often times we believe that hoodies are only meant for frequent trips to the gym but the truth is reality is far from what most of us think. There are more than one ways to wear a plain grey hoodie – on the weekends and even during the week. Everyone likes wearing hoodies for reasons that are a bit obvious and not so obvious. They are comfortable to wear and easy to take off.

Below, we will look at some interesting ways to wear a grey hoodie and some not so surprising ways.

  1. When you’re not sure you need the jacket

There are times when you’re not sure if you need to wear a jacket on your shirt. In such case, a hoodie will be so much better. It makes for a great jacket alternative, especially for chilly weather. It is also less heavy and breathable. You can wear it outdoors and indoors without looking at out of place as an overcoat would and you can easily tuck it into your bag if you need to. This is a casual dressing and not a post-gym outfit as you’re wearing slip-on trainers with navy blue chinos and not running shoes with joggers.

  1. Casual corporate

There are times when you might be sick and tired of the usual smart casual and you want to go casual corporate, a hoodie might come in handy here. A grey hoodie with a black overcoat styled with indigo jeans and leather boots will make you look awesome. Overcoats are often smart on their own but adding the hoodie to it adds a bit of sporty contrast that might have been missing without looking out of place. One great thing you could also have going for you is the neutral colors of the items in question as they often complement one another.

  1. Less intense leather jacket

The truth of the matter is that leather jackets are known for making a statement either for a biker or for those who want to feel like a rock star. Blending a hoodie with a leather jacket helps you relax and your jacket also gets to look a little less intense than it would if it had been left all alone. It feels soft and laid back more when you pair them together. To get that cool feel, pair the hoodie, we recommends the one’s from with leather jackets.

  1. Saturdays Day Out

When it comes to wearing a hoodie for Saturday outings, no one needs to be told how to pair them with shorts and t-shirts. For Saturday outings, you can pair your hoodie with some pair of minimal trainers that shows you’re not heading out to the track. Always remember that when it comes to dressing casual, staying simple is often more important than being mixing things up.