All About That Bow

The bow is the weapon used by an archer to shoot arrows,
Traditionally, most bows were made from wood but other materials, such as metals and even fiberglass, are being used nowadays .

Parts and Kinds of Bows in Archery

A bow is made up of very basic parts, a pair of curved ends, which can be made from other materials rather than wood, it is then joined by the riser, both ends are then connected by a tight string.
Pulling the string back releases the arrow where the archer exerts tremendous effort, while the string is held, this stores energy which is released once the arrow is released.

The parts of a bow can be further divided into more parts: the upper limb, the lower limb, nocks, however, while there is no official system on the classification on bows, Archery bow and arrow experts are described by various characteristics such as the materials used to create them, their length of draw, and even down to their shape.
Below are the types of bows you might be using in archery:

Traditional Bows: this is the very bow that started it all. Known for its sleek body and powerful shot. Traditionally, bows are made of wood and are still are. This kind of bow can be used anywhere, from hunting to recreational activities. Longbows and flatbows belong to this category. A longbow is a type of bow that is equal to the height of an archer, and having a signature D shape with deep and narrow limbs. Despite the common misconception that longbows are now obsolete, they are still used by modern day archers and hobbyists (roleplayers, cosplayers, and many others), longbows have not waned in popularity as they are still used today.

Recurve Bows: is the bow used in the Olympics. The unique thing about this bow is that its tips curve away from the archer where it then straightens out when the archer draws his or her bow, this bow stores more energy and adds more speed to the arrow once it’s released. Historically, recurve bows played in a significant role in most of the world’s armies and were mentioned by Homer and even in the Bible. Recurve bows nowadays have been praised for their accuracy, contrary to popular belief, recurve bows can be made of other materials rather than just wood; in fact, some bows nowadays are made from two or more materials such as wood and fiberglass.

Compound Bows: are bows that have a levering system, it has a greater mechanical advantage compared to other types of bows as it is more energy-efficient which gives the compound bow greater accuracy and less sensitive to changes in the environment such as humidity and temperature. Because of the pulley system in a compound bow, it gives the archer the benefit of a “let-off’ meaning it reaches the peak weight halfway through giving the archer a more smoother pull. You may also use tools such as stabilizers or dampeners to help you stabilize and silence your shoot, however, compound bows require more maintenance than its counterparts.